Trusted partners for your life’s work

Bell Lap Advisors provides strategic and financial advisory services to businesses in the active lifestyle and outdoor industries.


What We Do

Bell Lap Advisors is a team of former-entrepreneurs, executives, investment bankers, and problem solvers. We deeply understand the unique challenges and values of an entrepreneur. We are driven to help our clients maximize their enterprise value, and reach their optimal potential by offering strategic advisory service for growth, financing, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Recognizing a gap in the market for emerging small and lower mid-market consumer brands to obtain high-level professional services, Bell Lap Advisors brings an agile team of passionate professionals and an innovative business model to create valued partnerships.


Strategic Consulting

Our team has walked in your shoes, and understands the unique demands placed on the entrepreneur. We provide actionable guidance to cure pain points and seize opportunities to fuel growth, boost revenue, and maximize enterprise value.


Financial Advisory

We use a holistic approach to find the best partners, understanding a business is more than its financials; we look for value in all aspects of the business and brand, and use creative strategies to best communicate this value.


”An extremely valuable resource as we were quickly looking to find the right partner in the outdoor cycling space for our action sports platform. Their expertise and knowledge of the industry allowed us to effectively identify high value prospects from the onset.”
— Gabe @ Transom Capital (Bravo Sports)

How We Do It


Launch Stage

Our business model allows us to engage early with emerging young brands, offering guidance during a critical time as they enter the market and are faced with challenges. 


Growth Stage

Growth is essential for success, and we help our clients create and keep up with demand, guiding them through operations, sales and marketing, financing, supply chain and distribution, and people management.


Financial Advising

We help our clients create strategic business plans and financial models to determine their financial needs, classification of investors and banking partners, investment structure, and secure these partnerships.


Exit & Succession

We are honored to assist leaders at this important time in their life. We work to create and perform the optimal plan for succession; from valuation to outreach to negotiating to secure the best deal, with the best partner.


Our Experience

Our team is honored to have worked with many iconic brands over the past several decades.

*Some listed above were performed by our team prior to joining Bell Lap Advisors