bell lap

1. Sport. The final lap of a track and field or velodrome cycling competition. This bell signifies the final, highly strategic, approach to the finish line - the pinnacle of the event.

2. Business. A firm based in Portland, Oregon delivering strategic and financial advisory services to small and lower mid-market active lifestyle and outdoor industry businesses. Helping clients grow enterprise value and perform Mergers and Acquisitions.


Bell Lap Advisors help founders, families, and leaders take their brands to the next level.

Bell Lap Advisors is a team of former entrepreneurs, executives, operators, investment bankers, and problem solvers. We understand the unique stresses and values of an entrepreneur. We are driven to help our clients maximize their enterprise value, and reach their optimal potential by offering strategic advisory service for growth, financing, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Recognizing a gap in the market for emerging small and lower mid-market consumer brands to obtain these high-level services, Bell Lap brings an agile team of passionate professionals and an innovative business model to create valued partnerships to support this stage of business in the active lifestyle and outdoor industries.

“Unmatched experience, insights and connections in the outdoor and cycling industry.”
— Matt @ Cinco Design

Our Values



We believe in optimizing the experience in life, and strive for healthy balance for ourselves and the clients we advise. We use modern technology for maximizing flexibility in scheduling, travel, and mobility for a virtual workspace.



Trust is earned through knowledge, judgment, integrity, and discretion. We understand that without earning our clients’ trust, we cannot be effective advisors.



By using whole-brain thinking, we explore all options for problem-solving, understanding nuances, value drivers, and brand. We structure transactions with creativity to achieve optimal results for our clients.



We work in the athletic and outdoor space because this is our passion, and this is our community. We aim to be a positive impact on this community and the values it represents.


Our Focus

Lifestyle | Action Sports | Endurance | Team | Fuel | Outdoor | Power Sports | Sportsman

While we have experience and bring perspective from many industries (including technology, health and wellness, and food/bev), our primary focus at Bell Lap Advisors is in the active lifestyle and outdoor industries.  Why? Because this is our passion. It’s where we spend our lives, both in work and play. We feel that devotion and passion helps us to understand the industry at the highest level.

Within these categories, our clients may be:


Our clients come in a wide range of sizes, backgrounds 

The following represents a few common profiles...




  • Emerging brand
  • Less than 5 years old
  • High velocity of growth
  • Seeking guidance & mentorship to add business acumen, perspective, connections


  • Product or service at market
  • Founder at the limit of abilities and/or capacity
  • Seeking strategic investor for growth
  • Seeking outside perspective to recognize and solve problems, assist in strategic direction


  • Exit and legacy planning
  • M&A preperation
  • Investment Banking representation
  • Founder liquidity, wealth diversification
  • Founder or family-owned
  • Owner ready for life transition, next phase, or new venture