What We Do


Strategic Consulting

Working as a direct extension of your leadership team, we function as a trusted advisor to our clients. We provide actionable guidance to cure pain points and seize opportunities to fuel growth, revenue, and maximize enterprise value. We are not typical consultants; we are entrepreneurs, operators, coaches, mentors, and problem solvers. We have walked in your shoes, and we understand the unique demands and values of an entreprenuer.


Financial Advisory

Utilizing our experience working with iconic consumer brands in investment banking and M&A, we help our partners find the right deal, with the right partner, on the right terms using a comprehensive, creative, and strategic process to maximize the outcome. We use a holistic approach to find the best partners, understanding a business is more than its financials; we look for value in all aspects of the business and brand, and use creative strategies to secure best-in-class partnerships.

Our services may include...


Launch stage

  • Strategic plan creation
  • Idea generation
  • Market research
  • Competitive landscape
  • Operating and systems creation
  • Team formation
  • Interim executive roles
  • Financial forecasting
  • Capitalization strategy

Growth stage

  • Strategic plan refinement
  • Go-to-market plans
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Brand extensions
  • SKU efficiency
  • Project management
  • Leadership development
  • Management reporting
  • Financial management
  • Collaborations and Licensing
  • Sales channel strategy

financial advising

  • Financial model/pro-forma development
  • Creation of marketing materials; pitch deck, teasers, memorandums
  • Creation of target list of potential investors
  • Selecting the appropriate classification of investor (friends & family, angels, crowd funding, venture capital, private equity, strategics, search funds)
  • Supporting commercial banking partnerships (loans, revolving credit)

succession planning

  • Strategy for maximizing enterprise value
  • M&A preparation
  • Financial advisor (Investment Banking) for partial or full Merger or Acquisition (M&A)
  • Strategic acquisitions
  • Institutional acquisitions (Private Equity Groups, holding companies, family offices, Search Funds)
  • Business Brokering
  • ESOP/Management buy-outs
  • Management of due diligence preparation
“I appreciate the time spent learning about my values and my business goals, and then creating unique solutions without imposing other’s philosophies on our business.”
— Jenn, Founder @ Machines for Freedom

How We Engage

We use a balanced and innovative approach to align incentives to actions with our engagements. In addition to incentivizing the desired results, this allows us to engage with clients in different ways to accommodate their resources and to become lifecycle partners with many of our clients. Each potential engagement begins with a custom scope of work and proposal, and every engagement structure is tailor-made for each client.

Monthly retainer

We use a monthly retainer for ongoing service and access. We do not bill hourly, because we believe in getting paid for results, not the time we spend getting them. 


For sales, licensing, collaorations, new channel creation, or other sales-focused programs, we can offer a commission structure as part of our relationship to drive sales.

Success Fee

For M&A clients, we use a standard practice Success Fee based on the funds we are able to secure for our client. We can be creative in setting up the fee with modified Lehman formulas, thresholds, and kickers to achieve a fair outcome for all parties.


Typically as warrants, we can use equity as a way to partner with our clients. This creates a long-term relationship and aligns our goals at the finish line.


Our Experience

Our team is honored to have worked with many iconic brands over the past several decades.

*Some listed above were performed by our team prior to joining Bell Lap Advisors